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Huan is a serial entrepreneur, active angel investor with strong technology background. He is a widely recognized technical leader on conversational AI and open source cloud architectures. Huan is a GitHub Star, co-authored guide books “Chatbot 0 to 1” and “Concise Handbook of TensorFlow 2” and has been recognized by Microsoft, Google, and Tencent as MVP, GDE, and TVP. He is a Chatbot Architect and speaks regularly at technical conferences around the world. Find out more about his experiences at https://www.linkedin.com/in/zixia/


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Huan is the creator and core developer of Wechaty Wechaty GitHub Stars. Wechaty is a Conversational RPA SDK for chatbot makers. With only 6 lines of code, you can create a bot on the most popular IMs like WeChat, Whatsapp, WeCom, Gitter, QQ, etc.

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